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Destiny magazine feature findings of iOpener Institute for People and Performance

Published: 6 December 2012

It is not surprising happiness at work is linked to increased productivity, a significant decrease in sick leave and increased confidence.

The December issue of Destiny magazine featured the findings following six years of extensive global research from the iOpener Institute for People and Performance (IPP).

According to Jessica Pryce-Jones, the IPP founder and author of Happiness at Work: Maximising Your Psychological Capital for Success, there are the five C’s that play a major role in happiness at work.

1. Contribution – appreciation received for the effort you put into your work;
2. Conviction – motivated and driven employees are 50% more productive than their demotivated counterparts;
3. Culture – how an employee fits into an organisation affects efficiency;
4. Commitment – a lack of commitment indicates that an employee does not find meaning in his/her job; and
5. Confidence – without confidence employees doubt their ability and anxiety prohibits productivity.

The article also provides some guidelines on how to achieve happiness within the workplace and how to assess your own happiness.

Managers should bear some of these research findings, which indicate happy employees are:
- 180% more energised and happier in life in general;
- 155% happier in their jobs and 108% more engaged at work;
- 40% more confident;
- 70% more inclined to love their job; and
- 30% more likely to achieve their goals.

For this and other stories, pick up the December 2012 issue of Destiny magazine, on sale now at all good retailers, or subscribe at www.destinyconnect.com.
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