“The BratTrax® system is unique to YDx and is a research system that is undertaken yearly for client benefit” Notes Jane Lyne MD. “The study Objectives are to establish an in-depth understanding of the youth market and the influences that shape the decision making process as well as to track buying behaviour, product and media usage, psychographic and lifestyle patterns within age and gender groups”.

Over 2010 and 2011 South Africa has ejected 535 000 learners into the workforce without matric certificates, leaving a large number of learners with an uncertain and unstable future. This not only affects them directly but has a feed down effect to younger learners who believe that South Africa’s education system is just not up to scratch. Focus areas are in maths and science with ever increasing skills shortages in the field.

Fourty-nine percent of 10 to 12 year olds and 56% of 13 to 15 year olds said that they believe that the standard of education in South Africa is bad. Ninety-four percent of each of these age groups also believes that the only way to get a job is through having a good education, something they feel is not currently on offer in government schools.

This decline in pass rate and focus on learner education is a growing concern for long-term economic growth in South Africa. Youth are further emotionally affected through the lack of sufficient guidance training and having access to information on available careers. The perception created amongst youth is one of limited opportunity and employment.

BratTrax® further reveals that the youth sentiment of despair is a demotivating factor, with a downward spiral into reckless behaviour including drug and alcohol abuse.

Noting the above, the private sector needs to understand the opportunity and importance of being involved in alleviating the education crisis. This can effectively be done through brand investment into the school syllabus through educational school campaigns.

Such campaigns can actively assist in supplementing textbooks, addressing budget shortages and adding additional value to the learner. Educational content for enrichment is key, with learners as a marketing target being a secondary factor. Lesson plans placed into schools not only assist with the curriculum, but can be used on a longterm basis creating a sustainable solution.

YDx has managed numerous schools campaigns for brands including King Pie, Discovery Vitality, Smarties, Premier Brands and Capri Sun. The agency has a substantial database across the nine provinces which allows brand competent access to schools.

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