Magenuka becomes the fourth BASA Intern in a programme that has received the support of BASA member, Rand Merchant Bank (RMB)

The aim of the now well-established BASA Intern Programme , supported by Rand Merchant Bank, is to train passionate, young South Africans in all aspects of arts administration through a hands-on experience at BASA.

Magenuka – a finalist in the 2012 South Africa’s Next Top Filmmakers competition – says he is “looking forward to an exciting year ahead”.

“I applied for this position because of my love and passion for the arts - especially filmmaking,” comments the 23-year-old who graduated with a BA in Motion Picture Medium from AFDA in 2011. Until recently Magenuka was working as a 2nd assistant director and casting co-ordinator at Burnt Onion Productions.

“I don't just want to be[sic] focus on filmmaking. I want to have a broad understanding of how to run and manage other arts projects. This position will give me valuable experience and I intend to use every task to improve my skills, learn and add value to BASA.”

Among the opportunities offered by the BASA Intern position are networking, access to training, a deeper understanding of the needs of both business and arts, and research. Experience in each of the specific BASA focus areas – including the BASA Education Programme,supported by Etana as well as the BASA Supporting Grants – give emerging administrators invaluable insight into the importance of partnerships and relationships in the arts.

The BASA intern also assists with the annual Business Day BASA Awards, supported by Anglo American as well as provides significant support in the areas of marketing and communications portfolio.

Previous BASA interns are Karabo Legoabe (2010), Arthur Nkuna (2011) and Lakin Morgan (2012). Morgan has remained on at BASA, taking the position of projects officer, driving the annual Awards organisation.

Janet Watts, CSI manager at Tshikululu representing the RMB fund comments; “RMB understands the importance of the arts in society, and has a strategic and relevant programme of partnering with arts organisations to achieve greater access to and excellence in all art forms in South Africa. In order to ensure that this is successful it is very important to nurture young professionals in the business of arts and arts administration. The BASA Intern Programme has contributed hugely to achieving this goal. They have always appointed really dynamic young people and offer them an opportunity to engage on a professional and informal way with all sectors of society, truly enabling them to reach their full career potential.”

Interns are selected on the basis of their education, experience, and enthusiasm for the arts. The position runs from January to December each year.