Joe Public United decided to use the new television commercial as a way to feature the car, but more importantly to serve as a platform to celebrate women, the Creta’s primary target market.

Having aired for the first time during International Women’s Day, the new commercial links the powerful ritual of lighting a candle in honour of someone, to switching on a car’s headlights. Visually we see a large-scale gathering of Hyundai Cretas switching their headlights on in celebration of women’s strengths and accomplishments. The ad concludes by dedicating the new Hyundai Creta to all women who light the way.

“The advert is a celebration of women and in 60 seconds we wanted to honour those that have lit the way in a world many consider to be driven by men. We really wanted to position the brand in the mind of our consumers in a unique and powerful way,” adds Natalie Walker, creative group head and Marjolein Rossouw, copywriter for Joe Public. 

Adding gravitas to the piece is voice artist, local actress, feminist poet, and TV personality Lebo Mashile who delivers right on the agency’s script. With this commercial, Hyundai hopes to continue pertinent conversations and awareness of issues surrounding gender inequality, which continues to be a pressing global issue.

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