Yuppiechef co-founder and managing director Andrew Smith says the brand aims to integrate smart technologies to make the experience between Yuppiechef.com and the physical store seamless. Smith says that the store in Cape Town will be the first of a few Yuppiechef outlets that are planned over the next five years.

"The Willowbridge shop signifies the next step in the Yuppiechef journey and is in response to a changing global dynamic in retail. Consumers increasingly expect cross-channel capability from brands and, while the assumption is that traditional stores should be moving online, so too is there pressure on online brands to have a physical presence," adds Smith.

ARRCC director Jon Case says, "Yuppiechef asked us to take a brand that has flourished in a digital space for 11 years and bring it to life in the physical sense. Most brands undertake this process in the opposite direction, so the brief was relatively unique."

Case adds, "The materials are raw in nature and create a perfect balance between luxury and an industrial edge. The store was designed to be approachable while allowing the products to stand out."

ARRCC and Yuppiechef selected Caesarstone engineered quartz countertops. The design also has a functional test kitchen as well as a 'genius bar' where consumers can connect with the online store and continue their shopping experience, select an address for delivery, or update their Yuppiechef profiles.

Customers can also set up a wedding registry in-store, subscribe to a monthly food, craft beer, or wine subscription or have a gift wrapped with Yuppiechef style. Smith says that the Yuppiechef team spent an inordinate amount of time considering how to design the consumer experience in the physical store so that there is a seamless transition from the digital outlet.

"Curating the experience between our two channels was critically important in the planning process. Our intention is that we will pioneer this thinking in South African retail with the launch of the new outlets," adds Smith.

Yuppiechef has grown to now offer more than 6 000 kitchen and home products from over 400 local and international brands, shipping to five countries in Southern Africa. Yuppiechef also has six consecutive best e-commerce store of the year awards.

For more information, visit www.yuppiechef.com. Alternatively, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.