The two companies spearheaded the 67 Logos project for Mandela Day 2018, an initiative that saw designers and businesses assisting SMEs in fast-tracking their businesses.

Sixty-seven SMEs were chosen to receive a uniquely crafted logo and brand collateral – as well as additional business services and mentorship opportunities. 

According to CWDi, the project strengthened the connection between the two companies, cementing an idea: to collaborate and bring a host of powerful bright sparks together under one umbrella. 

Lesley Waterkeyn, founder and CEO of Colourworks, says, "We are thrilled to announce our new agency, which brings two bold companies together, upping our business value exponentially while lowering our costs."

"We felt and understood that there was a synergy between the two companies and we are delighted that this has culminated in such a unique amalgamation of talent and team," Waterkeyn adds.

The merged agency – 52% black-owned and 100% female owned – aims to give CWDi a national footprint across South Africa, with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The company also supplies in Africa and internationally, with clients across the globe.

Samantha Gabriel, group MD of Designers Ink, says, "The merging of the Colourworks and Designers Ink powerhouses makes CWDi a force to be reckoned with. The two teams bring a complementary set of experiences and skill sets to the table, which means bigger and better things to come in 2019."

Lele Mehlomakulu, non-executive director and shareholder at Colourworks, says, "The merger and launch of CWDi shows how much can be achieved when women band together. With Africa featuring some of the highest proportions of female business leaders in the world, CWDi is one small step for design in Africa, one giant step for female empowerment."

"With CWDi creating experiences that connect people, we believe that our vision of a global agency that inspires connections is just waiting to be realised," Mehlomakulu concludes.

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