Black River FC (BRFC) has aimed to position OLX as the brand that helps consumers realise some of the benefits that could come from buying and selling affordable, good quality products on OLX. The brief to BRFC was to position OLX as the 'go-to' for buying and selling secondhand goods.

Trevor Ndhlovu, managing director at BRFC, says, "We set out to re-establish the safety features that have been built into the platform and to move beyond classifieds to provide holistic experiences. By doing this, we empower people to make 'smart choices' for their lives, businesses and families."

In keeping with the ‘Living Your Best Economical Free Life’ approach, BRFC has introduced the Fostas family, who feature in the original OLX online soap opera. 

"In the soap opera, we see the family having to deal with the drama of their new found economic freedom while trying to make sure that the money doesn’t change them," says Ndhlovu.

Nicole Depene-Sander, marketing manager at OLX, adds, "'Days of Our Economically Free Lives' is a satirical production that we commissioned in our ongoing effort to teach people about the simple ways they can use to set themselves economically free — and that is through OLX."

"The simple and best way to set yourself economically free is through buying and selling on OLX like Rich Fosta — a lead character on 'Days of Our Economically Free Lives' — did, by using the platform to his benefit. People are running successful businesses on the OLX platform by buying goods at a reasonable price from people who don’t need them anymore and sell them to those who need them, or use them, for their advantage," Depene-Sander adds.

The six-part online series tells the story of economically free challenges such as 'naughty corners', Model C accents and rice cakes.

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