The result was a detailed breakdown of more than 21 data points about Video Marketing Trends for 2019. That report was condensed into an infographic that delivers insights on video content's effectiveness and prevalence in today's digital landscape.

Here, the team at Yum Yum Videos provides the most relevant statistics to pay attention to:

Sixty-seven percent of businesses are planning to create over three videos this year

The most important insight this statistic reveals is that audiences online hunger for video. We've seen a trend over the past few years of people being more open to interacting with content — sharing, liking, commenting — when it's presented in video format.

And it doesn't take a scientist to figure out the incredible added value this tendency has in the marketing field.

Eighty-seven percent of businesses are satisfied with the ROI of video marketing

If nothing else, this impressive statistic suggests video marketing has a potential for positive results. Yes, audiences love video, but companies seem to be entirely happy with the returns they are getting by meeting that demand.

Social media is the preferred channel to distribute marketing videos

Social media came into the digital world to transform the way people do many things, from communicating to sharing experiences. One of the industries that seem most radically impacted by social videos has been marketing. Video content, in turn, has become a perfect marriage of format and platform, which is performing exceptionally well together.

But that’s just to name a few! Here’s the infographic containing the full list:

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