"Lwando and Lisa have shown exceptional growth," says Boomtown MD, Andrew MacKenzie. "Lwando has a driving ambition to assist the agency in its Johannesburg operations and has grown tremendously over the last year. We are confident that his skill set, experience in the FMCG category and business acumen will be an asset." 

"[He is valuable] to not only Boomtown but also the clients we partner with, and he is certainly part of our long-term growth strategy in the region," MacKenzie adds.

"Lisa is based in our Port Elizabeth office and has gained valuable experience on a cross-section of government accounts. Her insight into this sector will play a vital role in the agency's expansion into this area. We are all excited about the opportunity and the potential it presents for Lisa and Boomtown," he says.

Both Lwando and Lisa began at Boomtown as part of the Bayeza internship programme, and the agency celebrates its progress in the advertising industry as an outcome of the 'success of the internship scheme'. 

The senior leadership team at Boomtown says that they believe in 'backing their team members and helping employees to achieve their goals, which, ultimately, creates a win-win situation'.

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