Warren Moss, CEO of Demographica, says that with the agency's intention to build the B2B marketing agency, the right leadership is required within every department and at every level.

"Over the past year, Demographica has been very clear and focussed about the direction we're taking as an agency," says Moss. "Every appointment we've made to date has been intentional and aligns to our vision of building the greatest B2B marketing agency in the world."

"Lauren and Bianca are incredibly skilled at what they do and will play a key role in driving Demographica toward this vision," adds Moss. Damant has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is known for her business acumen, her grasp of financials, commitment to quality, effective leadership style and integrity.

According to the company, Damant has already added value to Demographica within her role as general manager, and, together with the Exco team, will continue giving value in the role of managing director.

Raghuber is a qualified charted accountant with experience working with listed companies in South Africa and abroad. Demographica says that she will bring a wealth of expertise to the agency.

"Demographica is a very unique agency that has proven it is a leader within the B2B marketing space," concludes Raghuber. "I'm really looking forward to working within the niche B2B space that Demographica holds in the market, as well as experiencing, the spirit of entrepreneurship and culture towards it people."

For more information, visit www.demographica.co.za. You can also follow Demographica on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.