Creativity and timeliness are two essential factors in successful brand marketing. By having the most unique, authentic and first-of-its-kind marketing ideas, you can establish your brand's authority in your niche.

Of course, this is easier said than done. You need the best strategies that will allow you to generate vast amounts of attention in various digital marketing channels. One of the most effective methods in brand marketing is the so-called newsjacking, which HubSpot defines as "the practice of capitalising on the popularity of a news story to amplify your sales and marketing success."

Newsjacking allows you to accomplish a variety of goals. You can leverage newsjacking to spread awareness on important world events or social issues, for example. This, in turn, can inspire people to follow your initiative into taking action and making a difference.

You can turn controversies into something less serious with newsjacking, too. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of things, you can use it as an opportunity to help spread positive vibes through well-thought-out branded content.

You can get more insightful ideas and actionable tips about newsjacking principles and strategies by checking out our featured infographic:

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