With a multitude of websites turning up on search engines, many reckon that it takes the average person two to three seconds to make the decision to purchase.

Creating a website that can keep users on it for that long, as well as keeping it on the top in search engines, are some of the top skills marketers need in 2020. Additionally, marketers need to harness the power of social media. 

The structure, design and lead used on your website will greatly influence how long visitors stay on your page. The more time a visitor stays on the page, the higher the chance is of turning them into a potential customer.

Having a site that features engaging and current content will aid you in this. The organic traffic generated by the content will help you rank higher on Google searches. Here are eight ways that you can keep visitors on your site long enough to turn them into customers:

1. Create videos

You should be able to create video content for your audience — depending on your preference. The video content for your website should be customised to complement the content of your landing page. It should be short (typically less than 90 seconds) and describe or explain how your product works. 

Videos are highly effective in keeping potential customers on your website page longer because they're easy to share and deliver the message fast. They make it easy for you to deliver the message about your product and service.

Additionally, people love videos and businesses can leverage this to help drive more traffic and keep visitors for longer on their sites. For videos to be effective, they should have a clear call-to-action (CTA) and have content specific to the marketing campaign.

They should also be fast-paced and incorporate the latest trends to keep viewers engaged. Above all, you need to produce high-quality videos with fast loading times so that you don't lose impatient clients.

2. Provide an easily navigable site

An easily navigatable website makes it easier for visitors to find what they're looking for. This type of site features a more organised design that's clutter-free and doesn't contain any broken links.

First impressions always matter, since people have little time to decide whether they're going to stay or leave your site. Having a tidy website design helps you achieve a longer visit by users.

You could use a tagline on your homepage to describe why they should choose your product instead of that made by competitors. The website can also include navigation bars to display the different categories of the products/services on offer. Putting in the work in designing a tidy and easy to navigate website will give you positive results for sure.

3. Use a clear and compelling CTA

Most marketing campaigns have good headlines and great content designed to drive traffic to websites. However, most of the traffic directed to websites doesn't lead to any conversions.

This is because websites lack a clear and compelling CTA that'll make a visitor decide to purchase their product. CTAs persuade visitors to take the next step after visiting your site.

It could be as simple as asking them to subscribe to a free trial or get a free copy of your magazine. Feature a single CTA on each page that'll encourage clients to stay on your page for longer. 

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4. Ensure a mobile-friendly website

A lot of people make online purchases from their mobile phones. Visitors are likely to stay longer on a website if they have a mobile-friendly view of the page and easy navigation on their mobile devices.

Besides ranking higher in Google searches, mobile-friendly sites will help drive more traffic to your site. In a mobile-friendly site, images load easily and all content fits on the screen. 

5. Create a fast website

A website with slow loading times is always an indication of low-quality service and will make you lose visitors to your page quickly. In this internet age, online shoppers are attracted by fast loading pages. It's easier for them to leave your page if it takes a longer time to load.

Fast loading sites also rank higher on Google and improve your chances of getting a lot of traffic. Upgrading your web host can help improve the loading speeds of your website. This will make it easier for visitors to access and also navigate around your site.

6. Post high-quality and creative content

Engaging your visitors is an important aspect of keeping them on your webpage for longer. This can be achieved by constantly creating high-quality and creative content for your site. No visitor will be interested in staying on a site that still has content from the past decade.

What's more, always put your best foot forward. This means that your best content should feature above the rest. This will help convince users to stay for a longer time on your site as they try and see what more you have to offer on your site.

7. Get straight to the point

Trying to fit all your content on the first page is a mistake that many websites make. This creates a situation where visitors get too much information that they can't easily grasp when they visit the site.

This results in visitors leaving your site — affecting both the bounce rate and exit rate. It's best to include only the necessary information on the main page and cut out the rest to overcome the issue.

8. Include internal links

The content produced for your website should include internal links to help improve its rankings on search engines. A higher rank means that more traffic will be directed to your site. With the other tips above, you can leverage this to make visitors stay on your site longer.

The allowable number of links to use in each article should be between two and five. Linking your post to older ones will also help in making visitors stay longer on your site. Moreover, make your links easy to find on your site by using the standard blue link. Also, ensure that they change their color once clicked.

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