Capper is a Survivor South Africa 2019 runner-up, Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa CEO and editor-in-chief and Mrs South Africa 2018. She has a background as a functional medicine pharmacist and is also a model, presenter, and ambassador for Rare Diseases South Africa.

Andrea Firth, managing editor of Brand Studio at, says, "We are extremely proud to have our 'Sponsors of Brave' ambassador, Capper, join us as a judge. Her background and profile make her the perfect fit for this campaign."

Capper is the co-founder of Uprising, which aims to take others on transformational journeys while raising funds and awareness for children with rare diseases. Capper says that she wants others to believe they can go on brave adventures too. Through these journeys, she strives to help fellow explorers find their strengths, celebrate them and realise their full potential.

Capper uses her mobility and fitness to raise awareness for those without full health, by participating in mountain climbs, sporting events and outdoor adventures all over the world; her intention is to liberate and encourage others to do the same.

The 'Sponsors of Brave' campaign is looking for ordinary South African healthcare providers including pharmacists, nurses and doctors doing extraordinary work in their communities. The campaign aims to celebrate these 'unsung heroes' of professionals who walk the extra mile and tend to the medical and healthcare needs in their communities.

'Sponsors of Brave' is calling on all South Africans to nominate their local medical and healthcare workers so that their stories can be told. 

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