Social media is a fantastic tool for creating a personal, creative appeal for your business. With a few simple techniques, you can easily expand your brand awareness and customer base and showcase what your company has to offer.

To properly utilise these platforms of marketing, you will need to implement these six practices into your social media strategy:

1. Create a unique brand identity

Find a way to represent your company that is recognizable and appropriate to your target audience. Whether you take a humorous tone, or provide inspiration to your followers, finding a distinct identity for your brand allows you to show off the products and / or services your company offers.

You want to appeal to both your current and potential customer base, so find a way to frame your content that suits this target market.

2. Show your expertise

Ensure that you are posting consistent content that represents the full capabilities of your company to potential customers and partners, as an incentive to choose you. Focus on illustrating relevancy, dedication, your core values and your full range of services to put yourself ahead of the competition.

3. Vary the mediums

Using visuals on social media is essential as it catches the attention of users scrolling through their feeds. Generate graphics, videos and only succinct text to entertain the short attention span of the generation of social media users you are trying to appeal to.

This also means using various channels within social media platforms to promote your company, such as through commenting, 'Liking', following and direct messaging with your followers and potential customers.

4. Network

Networking is vital to the success of any business, whether you operate in the real world or in the fast-paced environment of social media platforms.

In the words of Joyce Torres, a marketer at Boom Essays and Academized, "Creating a network of customers, influencers, partners and other organisations allows you to extend the reach of your brand and take advantage of connections and associations with others." 

This means you can work your way up to position your company as the top expert in your industry, the go-to source for anyone with needs that fit your particular niche.

In order to effectively do this, you will need to first identify what connects you with other consumers, influencers or organisations; research your target audience and the content they generate on social media / how they interact with companies through social media platforms.

5. Use listening tools

Social media listening tools are a fantastic resource that allows a company access to mentions relevant to you, whether of similar products, services or questions.

This may provide a channel through which you can identify the current demand for your company, gaps in the market, or news that pertains to your niche. All of this is valuable information in staying ahead.

6. Humanise your brand

James Porter, social media writer at Best Essay Services and Essayroo, says, "Users generally are more trusting in social media accounts that appear to be genuine and authentic."

This means you should be doing everything you can to humanise and personalise your company through your social media presence. Share personal stories that reinforce the core values of the company and supportive of the services / products you offer, while coming across as the opinions of real people.

Perhaps you could include your team members in your content, such as in feature videos, behind the scenes clips, or detailing how each person contributes.

Alternatively, you can use customer testimonials and stories to create authentic content. Whatever method you choose, you should be producing organic content with a cohesive theme to generate trust and promote an authentic brand image.

Using social media is a must in the current business market and reaching a huge and diverse audience has never been easier. The above techniques are just a few of the many ways your business can benefit from a social media presence.

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