Here are the five stories that kept everyone on their toes this week:

1. Understanding the POPI Act: 10 FAQs answered

“The Act will introduce certain conditions that will establish the minimum requirements that businesses must comply with when processing personal information.”

The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act is well on its way to being implemented in South Africa. But before it is, be sure to check out the list of frequently asked questions to make sure you — and your business — are 100% prepared.

media update takes a look at the POPI Act and prepares you and your business for when heads to South Africa.

2. 10 Social media terms you should add to your vocabulary

“The world of social media practically has its own language. How can you ‘action’ these words if you don’t even know what they mean?”

A large number of new social media terms have come to light over the recent years, and it can be confusing to keep up with all of them — never mind trying to understand what they mean or how to use them. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.

media update provides you with the top 10 social media terms that you should definitely add to your vocabulary

3. Five reasons why print should be part of your marketing strategy

“For those that are willing to cut through the fake news about the ‘death of print’, there is no question that print boosts ROI and commands attention.”

Print is often overlooked by marketers as being obsolete and stuck in the past. But, print is actually a huge asset to marketers and should still be incorporated into their strategies.

media update takes you through five reasons why you should still make use of print in your marketing strategy.

4. Five marketing tips you can learn from Nando’s

“People like adverts that they can relate to, so using current affairs as a basis for adverts can be a great way of relating to everyone in the country.”

Nando’s take their marketing seriously — but that not that seriously. They have fun with it and people love them for it!

media update takes a look at Nando’s savvy marketing ways and gives you five marketing tips that you can learn from them.

5. Three ways to fuel your PR business on a small budget

“As a successful business, it should always be in your memorandum to consider ways of making money without ‘spending’ it — and using PR is one of the best ways to do so!”

There are many ways a business can benefit from PR strategies in modern society. We have provided you with three ways how your business can thrive on a tight budget in the PR world.

media update looks at ways that PR can help improve your business when you’re on a small budget.

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