Brazilian academic Haríolo dos Santos Aráujo will focus on the beauty, relevance and mechanisms of film critiquing, and why it remains important. Dos Santos Aráujo studied history of cinema at the Academia Internacional de Cinema in São Paulo.

He has written articles about Italian films, discussed spaghetti westerns and has spoken about Brazilian films on platforms such as the Latin America Film Festival of the University of Canberra and at the Brazilian Film Festival in Johannesburg.

Dos Santos Aráujo's masterclass will place emphasis on cinema appreciation. A small part of the class will be dedicated to the history of cinema from the beginning of the 19th century to the European and South American avant-gardes.

A few excerpts of films from different countries and genres will be analysed from different perspectives. These include:
  • camera movement
  • dialogue
  • music choice, and
  • intended emotions 
Pascal Schmitz is the co-founder of AAA Entertainment, a film and television sales and financing company based out of Johannesburg, Lagos and Hangzou China. AAA
Entertainment is one of the few African companies representing African films and supplying major platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and other international networks.

Pascal aims to hone in on film distribution and everything that all film producers need to know about it. An area that he will look at will be how the Fourth Industrial Revolution will change distribution.

South African filmmaker Aryan Kaganof will share his knowledge of shooting feature films on mobile phones. Kaganof will explain why he loves working with mobile phone technology, which he says allows for artistic control of every facet of the process.

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