The team says that for the last 80 days, it has been striving to find ways to adapt to a 'suddenly changed world'. The group has also been searching for solutions to continue the support South Africa's arts scene and its artists in a meaningful way.

"With Youth Month celebrations in June, we feel it is now more important than ever to support and encourage young creatives and offer a bit of hope," the team adds. For these purposes, the Creative Feel team introduced its new platform. 

Creative Feel says that the portal is built on two pillars:
  1. There is a need for artists to continue to earn an income and just as 'live' art and performance are given a value, so too should digital art and performance — whether this is through ticketing, donations, commissions or sales.
  2. Due to the overwhelming number of webinars, streams, shows and discussions going on in the virtual space on a daily basis, there is a need for a haven specifically for the arts lover, where all of the creative happenings in South Africa are easily accessible from one space.
"A lot of work has gone into ensuring optimal user experience while browsing this portal, despite the many events listed. Our team has worked hard in our attempts to ensure that anyone looking for digital, virtual or online events, performances and art finds us in the top three search results on Google," says the team.

Artists and performers

This space is 100% free for artists. The platform has encouraged these parties to send through their events, no matter how many they are, via this Google Form. The form is also available on Creative Feel's Virtual Events portal.

"Our aim is for you to earn an income in the digital space, so please make sure you provide us with some way for viewers to support you. This can be your EFT details, a SnapScan, Zapper or BUSQR code, a ticketing link or your Patreon profile. Your work will always remain 100% yours; all views will go directly to the platform you choose. We are just the middleman between you and the audience," says the team.

Arts organisations

"We have worked out some very reasonable packages for businesses, art galleries, theatres, museums, record labels and event promoters (and anyone else), which start at just R785.00. Contact us via [email protected] if you want to be a part of our interactive space," adds the team. 

Arts supporters

Supporters are encouraged to visit Creative Feel's virtual platform, bookmark it and set their daily reminders to come and 'explore, experience and immerse themselves' in the offering.

The Creative Feel Virtual Events Portal is partnered and sponsored by the department of sports, arts and culture. Events will be chosen and uploaded at Creative Feel's discretion.

For more information, visit You can also follow Creative Feel on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram