According to the duo, there are many essential workers, school children and homeless individuals who are putting themselves and others at risk because of the non-apparent shortage of facemasks.

"We have noticed that there is a huge demand for masks from many people have no access to them," says Smile 90.4FM managing director Lois O'Brien. "In the coming weeks, Smile 90.4FM — in partnership with Brimstone Investment Corporation — aims to give away one million cloth facemasks to local organisations and groups of people who desperately need masks."

"With the power of radio and the incredibly generous and loyal Smile 90.4FM audience, we want to make a difference by changing lives and protecting lives in this case," concludes O'Brien.

Individuals who would like to contribute to the 'Smile-in-Action One Million Masks for Cape Town' initiative can visit the radio station's website to pledge their support. The masks are R16 per item.

For more information, visit You can also follow Smile 90.4FM on Facebook or on Twitter.