"We are incredibly excited to have partnered with the Imperial Lions and Imperial Wanderers," says Lloyd Madurai, managing director of HOT 102.7FM.

"We look forward to welcoming cricket fans back to the stadium and bringing in a revitalised, fun vibe for fans and spectators, as well as getting the HOT 102.7FM audience behind the iconic Imperial Lions, who have always been the pride of Joburg," adds Madurai. 

"HOT 102.7FM’s reach extends across the greater Johannesburg area and beyond and their audience is directly aligned with our fans and patrons," says Jono Leaf-Wright, chief executive officer of Lions Cricket.

"We're confident that HOT 102.7FM will be the ideal partner and that they will help us to promote the teams, the wonderful game and to bring Joburgers back to the stadium to support The Imperial Lions," adds Leaf-Wright.

"There is tremendous synergy between the Imperial Lions fan base and the HOT 102.7FM audience, and we look forward to working closely with the station to ensure that we bring the excitement of Cricket to the station's listeners and give all our fans a great experience," Leaf-Wright says.

"We're cautiously optimistic that with a relaxation in lockdown conditions we will soon be able to welcome fans back to the stadium to watch live matches and to support our wonderful team," concludes Leaf-Wright.

For more information, visit www.hot919.co.za. You can also visit HOT 102.7FM on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram