The station says that the 1980s may be just a decade, but for some it was a time of some of the best movies, TV shows and fashion of all time.

"One aspect that stands the test of time, and throughout any decade, is the music," adds the station. "The 1980s brought us music that could be identified with just one line — music that still resonates today because of the emotion in the voices, its creativity. [It was] a decade of music that was unapologetically fun and one we unashamedly loved, and still do."

"The 1980s is undoubtedly the greatest musical decade and no other radio station in Cape Town plays more 1980s music than Smile 90.4 FM," says Smile 90.4FM's programme manager Naveen Singh.

"Every weekday from 09:00 to 15:00, we will be giving you 50 minutes of non-stop music while you work — now with even more of your favourite 1980s songs," concludes Singh. 

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