The cover story, conducted at Workshop 17 in Johannesburg, aims to provide exclusive insight into the backstory, production and overall experience of making the podcast. 

"You get to set and there are about 45 people and you're like, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Like it's quite a massive production — from camera people, make-up artists, to runners," says Maqondwana.

This anniversary issue comprises content including articles such as:
  • Overcome Impostor Syndrome and Launch Your Podcast
  • Global Podcast Research, and
  • those that look at tech comparing XLR and USB microphones.
Two recurring features include the podcaster profile 10 Questions with as well as What We're Listening To, which provides a list of top pan-African and international podcasts.

Founder and editor Rutendo Nyamuda says that since the magazine's launch in 2020, it has grown significantly — featuring podcast stories from north, south, east and west Africa.

"I'm so excited about the progress we've made in the last few years. We used to have to dig deep to find podcast news stories and now we have podcasters and industry leaders approaching us with their news and press releases. We're committed to telling the stories and successes of the African podcast industry," Nyamuda concludes. 

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