The official print and digital publication of Africa’s richest city is about to launch. Publisher, Contact Media & Communications, is excited to introduce JoziBeat - The Rhythm of a World Class African City. Now Johannesburg’s urban-dwelling tax-paying residents can look forward to their free copy of a world class communication piece.

Publisher and Managing Director of Contact Media & Communication, Sean Press, says: “Johannesburg is a dynamic cosmopolitan city, it’s the heartbeat of the African continent; the economic and cultural hub; the most powerful commercial centre and the gateway to all serious business that takes place in Africa. It only makes sense to have a publication reflecting; communicating; and encouraging all of the above, and we are thrilled to be doing it.”

Content ranges from business to services; infrastructure; information; lifestyle; and the arts. Everything from five-star restaurants and local eateries; hidden city gems; theatre; markets; shopping centres; sport; cultural events and accommodation. The timing is perfect, with all eyes on Johannesburg as the official host city for FIFA 2010. JoziBeat will be distributed freely to all tax-paying citizens, including Johannesburg suppliers; stakeholders; and subsidiaries. With exciting and innovative distribution channels, everyone can look forward to the first edition hitting home ground at the end of February. The launch of a content-rich and directory-driven JoziBeat website will also ensure accessibility to the mouthpiece of the city.

JoziBeat is set to reach the go-getters and future economic decision makers of this expanding metropolitan city, and advertisers can finally look forward to the wide reach they desire without compromising on quality. JoziBeat is the first quarterly publication made especially to showcase the beauty, rich cultural diversity, and economic powerhouse that is Johannesburg.