Through research, it was discovered that, in many instances, rapists often had violent childhoods and have either been victims of abuse themselves or have witnessed abuse being inflicted on others.

Inspired by this insight, Joe Public created an emotive film that tells men that whatever their past experiences, they can still choose to be the man they want to be.

The commercial was directed by Thabang Moleya of Seriti Films. Brothers For Life’s strategic communications director, Brenda Goldblatt, says, "This was a complex ad to create because we had to find a way to speak to rapists with compassion while being very clear that individual men are responsible for their actions."

Brothers For Life – It's Not Your Choice

The campaign supports the work of the Department of Social Development, which operates an award-winning helpline that offers men who need counselling access to social workers 24 hours a day.

Brothers For Life is funded by USAID and PEPFAR to support HIV and gender-based violence prevention in South Africa.

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