This is the first programme in the '#DeafGirlsCode' initiative, with the aim to roll the programme out to many more deaf girls across the country.

Over the course of six weeks, the Dominican School for the Deaf in Hammanskraal is hosting an iSchoolAfrica facilitator as they teach the girls how to code using Apple’s coding language, Swift. Swift is used in over 250 000 apps on the Apple App Store and by many of the top brands in the world.

In each of the two-hour sessions – every Tuesday and Wednesday – the girls will be exposed to Learn to Code 1 that explores the fundamentals of code by getting students to work through puzzles on the Swift Playgrounds app.

Michelle Lissoos, director at iSchoolAfrica, says, "This is ground-breaking training in the technology sphere let alone our country. Through the universal language of computing, we are excited for our DeafGirlsCode programme participants to fulfill the opportunities awaiting them."

She adds, "Technology and computational thinking skills can break down the barriers that have prevented deaf people in the past from succeeding in our economy. In order to fill this disparity, we believe that by incorporating coding into deaf education, we can take our programme participants to a new level of economic participation."

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