According to Hisense, every child deserves to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Kids Haven aims to protect and care for children in crisis by giving them shelter, education, training and therapy. It also rehabilitates those working on the streets and reintroduces them into society.

"We have worked with Kids Haven in the past; when we noticed that their building needed maintenance and repair, we didn't hesitate to uplift them and give their children not only a safer space to live, but one that could help raise their spirits too," says Michéle Fourie, marketing manager of Hisense South Africa.

"We work to make people's lives better through our innovative, high-quality and affordable technology. But we also strive to live to our new brand credo: 'We see you, we get you, we got you'. Through initiatives and partnerships like these, we're able to help the community and look forward to even more opportunities to do so," adds Fourie.

Hisense, together with Ajenja Ajenja (Pty) Ltd, spent more than two weeks and over R120 000 at Kids Haven. This was spent on plastering, painting, fixing leaks and plumbing pipes, as well as repairing other building wear and tear.

"Without Hisense, we would never have been able to do all the improvements at Kids Haven; it was just too much to finance and tackle the work ourselves," concludes Susan Daly, fundraising coordinator at Kids Haven. "Our back courtyard has been completely transformed and our kids are loving their new happy spaces."

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