With the quality of infrastructure being one issue of many, 56% of South African teachers have reported a shortage of physical infrastructure — hindering their ability to provide the necessary learning environment, says the foundation.

YBSA's mission is to mobilise young adults between the ages of 17 and 29 who are not in education, employment or training and to improve their lives and communities.

YBSA partners with young people as they pursue their education, prepare for future careers and grow into community leaders. The aim is to build brighter futures for themselves and their neighbourhoods.

This donation will help further connect YBSA graduates in underserved communities to work and self-employment in the construction, tourism, hospitality, as well as information and communications technology (ICT) sectors.

The goals and mission of the foundation are designed to:
  • grow global and local partnerships that can foster communities through education
  • improve learning infrastructure to create environments that inspire learners
  • equip teachers with the tools to deliver 21st century learning, and
  • provide youth with the support structure and tools to be emotionally healthy, empowered, resilient and confident.
The Faranani infrastructure project is one approach that The Trevor Noah Foundation and YBSA have created to enhance the educational foundation in schools. Based in Soweto, young people from various communities will be provided with training, practical construction skills and the mindset to transform an educational environment.

The goal is to address school infrastructure needs while supporting and developing the skills of unemployed youth.

"We want to make sure that our young people are ready and mentally prepared for the world of work and build our communities," says Oupa Tshabalala, executive director of YouthBuild South Africa

"Through nearly 300 programmes around the world, the YouthBuild movement equips young people with the necessary tools for long-term professional and personal success," says John Valverde, president and CEO of YouthBuild United Staes of America. 

"In South Africa alone, more than 2 500 young adults have been served by YBSA and this incredible partnership with the Trevor Noah Foundation will help them solidify their training and extend their reach even further," adds Valverde.

The Trevor Noah Foundation currently impacts over 500 teachers, 6 000 learners and a significant amount of families within the communities. The goal is to reach 25 schools by the end of 2025.

"Today's children are told to be the leaders of tomorrow, but they're not given the tools. I'm excited about this partnership with YouthBuild because we're creating life-changing opportunities for South African youth. We all deserve to achieve our fullest potential no matter where we come from," says Noah.

For more information, visit www.revornoahfoundation.org. You can also follow the Trevor Noah Foundation on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.