"The reality is that violence against women and children is a global problem and it requires each and every one of us to work together to overcome it," says Ghairunisa Johnstone-Cassiem, director of Mustadafin.

"Even though this campaign highlights these issues for 16 days, it is important that we raise awareness and take part in the fight against violence every day," adds Johnstone-Cassiem.

"We should not only take a stand against gender-based violence but also lobby, advocate and encourage everyone to work together towards finding lasting solutions to this problem. It also highlights the negative impact violence has on victims, families and society in general," Johnstone-Cassiem says.

The campaign's programme will include:
  • self-defence sessions
  • talks from local law enforcement, who will be sharing information on the best ways to respond to scenarios of confrontation, and
  • pop-up support clinics for women and children that have been victims of abuse.
The goals of the campaign are to generate widespread awareness on the impacts of child and woman abuse, as well as to share information on services that can help reduce the impact of violence on their lives.

"Working with different communities, we are establishing safe ways for victims of emotional, physical or sexual abuse to speak out and seek help," says Johnstone-Cassiem. "We are also actively engaging with men and boys in different communities about responding to violence in their surroundings in the most safe and appropriate manner."

"We would like to thank the unsung heroes who make a difference every day; they are the staff and volunteers of Mustadafin Foundation, including the community members who play their part in making sure that their communities are safe for all," concludes Johnstone-Cassiem.

Donations can be made to Mustadafin Foundation via:
  • Standard bank
  • Branch code 025909
  • Account number 072 778 377.
Alternatively, individuals can visit 154 Antelope Street Bridgetown or WhatsApp 079 567 3645. 

For more information, visit www.mustadafin.org.za or contact 021 633 0010. You can also follow the Mustadafin Foundation on Facebook