This is the second of around 30 implementations to commence throughout Cape Town, with a total in excess of 3 400 000 litres of clean water for the people in dire poverty.

Rotary Cub Bryn Mwar from UK and Ben Power, from LifeStraw® SA, have facilitated the funding for LifeStraw® Community units, engaging resources from Aqua4Life, Rotary Sea Point, Relate and the local community leaders to roll out the project. Each of the community units, which render 100 000 litres of clean drinking water, are being set up in areas spanning from Fish Hoek to Khayelitsha.

Says Aqua4Life MD, Nico Germishuizen, “Gogos are often the sole breadwinners in their families, with multiple children, grandchildren and family members dependent on them. Through their hard work The Relate Gogos enable the fundraising for a plethora of causes through the production of their beaded bands, one of which being safe/clean water for those who most need it! With the LifeStraw® Community units they will get to experience the benefits of what they are working on first hand, and the schools and communities surrounding them will dually benefit.”

The internationally acclaimed chemical-free, water micro-filtration LifeStraw® system removes bacteria, viruses and microscopic parasites. With water safe from diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid and worms, children are able to return to school, healthy, and parents to work.