media update’s Nicole van Wyk rewinds to all of the social media headliners from the month of May.

Uber Black introduces its ‘Quiet Driver Mode’

The news: ‘Quiet Driver Mode’ is an option that allows you to drive in silence. So long to small talk with your driver. The ‘Quiet Mode’ is exclusive to Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium rides. The selection ranges from ‘no preference’ to ‘happy to chat’ or ‘quiet preferred’.

Why it’s making headlines: Passengers have a number of reasons why they choose Uber as a mode of transport. For many, it is an opportunity to reboot and nap, catch up on some work or just unwind having to interact with driver.  The Quiet Driver Mode is an ideal opportunity to do all of this without feeling guilty about not interacting with your driver.

Uber saw a gap in the market to monetise silence — and if that doesn’t say ‘we’re here to cater to our your driving needs’, then nothing else will. Although it is exclusive to more expensive Uber vehicles, it is important to note that a satisfied client equates to more revenue. Everybody wins!

Facebook presents an improved algorithm

The news: You asked for more relevant content on your timeline, and Facebook heard you. The platform’s new algorithm aims to replace tedious and irrelevant posts with updates from the people you interact with most on the app.

These interactions —  reactions, tags, comments and check-ins — will assist the new Facebook algorithm in showing you content you’re actually interested in viewing or reading about.

Why it’s making headlines: This is Facebook’s response to users complaining about having to view unnecessary and irrelevant content. The quality of content is valued more than the time spent on the app. This directly translates to the value Facebook places on its users.

This means that businesses will have to prioritise engagement — and not solely rely on advertising — because users will have personal interests filtered down by Facebook.

Twitter GIFts users with an updated retweet function

The news: Twitter has rolled out a retweet function that allows you to add images, GIFs and videos along with text as a reply option. The update will be available on iOS, Android, and Twitter mobile.  

Users have been appealing to Twitter for a retweet upgrade that would allow them to retweet with both text, GIFs and videos.

The platform allows people from around the globe to connect, network and partake in important conversations. This update is proof that Twitter is determined to be an inclusive app, constantly seeking new ways to amplify the global voice.

Why it’s making headlines: Users can choose from a range of multimedia options to improve their interaction and engagement on Twitter. This update also means users will be inclined to spend more time online because it allows them to express themselves and allows brands to enhance the meaning of their messages.

Businesses can up customer engagement numbers and a wider client reach. Because of the extended time spent online, the number of impressions on advertisements will also increase, which means that Twitter will increase its advertising revenue.

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