Many people have decided to buy Instagram followers from whoever says they can help. While it is okay to consider all your options, you don't want to jump the gun. Doing so can result in buying spam followers, which does nothing for you in the long run.

There are so-called companies out there that will do whatever it takes to make you think that their cheap Instagram followers are the best of the best. From the price to the service, they make it look as if no other company can compete with them.

However, when you learn more about these services, you will find that they're nothing more than a scam. Sure, you're getting a good price, but in exchange, the followers are of extremely low quality. This can tarnish your Instagram following and raise a red flag that could result in an account suspension.

With this in mind, here are four qualities to look for in a credible and beneficial Instagram follower service:

1. A service that offers real followers

Even if you take nothing else into consideration, it is important to realise the importance of buying real followers. The biggest mistake you can make is getting into business with a service that sells nothing more than low quality, spam followers.

You don't want these followers because they will bog down your account. They can also lead you into a situation where your account is banned by Instagram. Most scam services sell low-quality followers. They get you in by offering a low price, which lets you believe that you will save capital. But the long term results will not be worthwhile. 

2. They have competitive prices

When something is too good to be true, there's a really good chance that it is. So, if an Instagram service tells you that they can get you 1 000 followers for a dollar or two, think long and hard about what they're saying.

You may not turn them down right away, but you don't want to proceed until it's clear that you know exactly what you're getting in exchange for the money that you spend.

Take the time to compare the pricing structure offered by more than one Instagram follower service. This will help you understand if one is offering an extremely low price. You should look out for prices that are more in line with the market value of the service.

3. A service that provides testimonials

The best Instagram follower services have testimonials on their website. They may even have a case study or two, as they want to show you that they are doing big things for other companies. While you can't trust everything you read, you should pay attention to these.

If nothing else, it'll help you better understand what the company has done for someone else in your shoes. And if you want to take this one step further, get in touch with the service to learn more about the testimonial. You can ask them questions like:
  • How many followers did the company buy?
  • What did they receive in return?
  • How long did it take for them to see results?
  • Do they still work with them to this day?
  • Do they have reason to believe that the same service could work for your Instagram account?
When you ask these types of questions, you'll better understand what the testimonials are all about and whether or not you can believe them.

4. They offer clarity

The best and highest quality Instagram services are clear about what they offer, how much they charge, what you get in return and the terms and conditions of the arrangement. If you have any reason to believe that someone is hiding the details from you, it's critical to think twice about what you do next.

In a business relationship, there is no room for secrets. So, if you find that a service isn't being honest upfront, there's no reason to believe that you can trust them in the future. In fact, you'll go into the engagement with reason to believe that you're losing out on the deal — which will only make things worse on everyone.

Clarity is very important when buying Instagram followers. If you sign anything, you should be 100% clear of the terms and conditions. This isn't a good time to just hope for the best.

If you keep these points in mind as you compare Instagram follower services, you're likely to find one you can put your trust in. And when that happens, you'll know where to turn in the future.
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