Prompt Research Insights, South Africa’s first eye tracking research company has released a case study after research that was conducted on a sports game between South Africa and Chille. Advertisers invest a lot in communication through sports and product placement. For a brand involved in sports, visibility at sporting events and stadiums, and consequently on TV, is key. However, as in any other communication context, clutter is a critical issue. Eye tracking offers unique new opportunities to measure the effects of investments in sports marketing.

Efficiency measures used in sports marketing have traditionally often been assimilated from a mix of visibility and audience. However, visibility does not mean that a brand is seen, and the likelihood of whether a TV viewer engaged in a game actually looks at the brands has remained unknown. Eye tracking can help answer questions such as: To what extent is a brand seen? Which locations are the most viewed? Which camera angles are the most viewed?

To see the presentation and its research findings, click on the attached file.