New Vision Pictures is a fully-fledged production company handling all aspects
of the production process from pre-production through to the final product.
Specialising in high-end visual effects; animation; editing; final mix; and scripting for the television and advertising industry, New Vision Pictures has built its reputation on excellence and service.

Company History

New Vision Pictures was born from the media conglomerate, New Vision Media, at a time when the industry’s growing demand for its brand of youthful, energetic video and film production demanded a specialist production company. CEO, Damien Brown, and Film Director, Graeme Swanepoel, recruited Hans Sedgwick, 3D animation expert from Omage, to assist in the production of the South African pop cult, reality show, Cream Cartel, on DStv’s channel, Vuzu. The success of the show allowed the New Vision Pictures team to grow exponentially, and now boasts a hoard of editors; a dedicated 2/3D animation team; a sound studio for final mix; as well as group of in-house producers and production coordinators. New Vision Pictures works closely with the design and advertising consultancy, The Sovereign State, on the marketing and development of their shows and projects.




• The New Vision Pictures team jumped at the opportunity to pitch on the FHM 2009 Calendar Special documentary broadcast annually by M-Net. Having won the three-way pitch and with hardly any time to let the good news sink in, they boarded the plane to the Reunion Islands for a week of frenetic filming. Returning to the New Vision edit suite after working alongside the team photographing the calendar, Director, Graeme Swanepoel, delivered a 60-minute tribute to the female form, producing a rich; textured; and sensuous edit.

• Enjoying a larger viewership than The Simpsons, Cream Cartel has been commissioned for a second 13-episode season and is in the final stages of preproduction and scripting.

• In the wake of Cream Cartel’s emphatic success, Vuzu commissioned New Vision Pictures to overhaul and redesign the anti-dating show, Vixens. According to Mohube Rapodile from Vuzu, “[The new Vixens] promises to be a provocative, suspense-filled adventure into the precarious realm of seduction, as contestants are caught between the temptations of the flesh and the rewards of abstinence.”

• Winning a pitch against one of South Africa largest production houses, New Vision Pictures was commissioned by advertising agency, MetropolitanRepublic to direct and produce a 30” TV spot for the 2010 MTN SAMA Awards.

Key Players:

Hans Sedgwick (Joint Managing Director):
Hans’s technical and animation background certainly prepared him for the role of joint Managing Director at New Vision Pictures. After mastering his craft as a character animator at London’s City Scape, Hans worked as a 3D lighting and texturing artist and particle specialist, producing numerous projects for Sliced Bread Animation in the United Kingdom. Returning to South Africa with years of serious post production experience under his belt, he joined Omage as a 3D animator responsible for all visualisations. Joining New Vision Pictures from Omage, Hans is the head of production and assists in all technical requirements.

Graeme Swanepoel (Film Director & head of Creative)
Graeme’s position as Film Director and Head of Creative at New Vision Pictures could not be more fitting for one individual. His design and animation background might explain his knack for transforming the mundane into the memorable, but it’s his attention to detail that really sets him apart as a film director. After days on set and with no respite, his inherent desire to manifest his vision often sees him editing his own projects. In the wake of his success with the pop cult reality show, Cream Cartel, DStv channel Vuzu has commisioned a second 13-episode season – evidence that his dedication has certainly yielded results.

Graeme has directed a number of high profile documentaries; commercials; and music videos, most noteworthy the 2009 FHM Calendar Special broadcast on M-Net; television commercials for the MTN South African Music Awards; and music videos for Glen Lewis; Kelly Khumalo; and Euphonik.

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