Several listeners called in with many hilarious guesses: from a giant UFO; a foreign object left behind by a foreigner after the World Cup; to an enormous toxic meteorite. At the end of the day, YFM managed to solve the ‘nut-case’ and reveal that the person responsible was, in fact, the Halls Squirrel.

The lovable fluffy tailed Halls Squirrel was making a statement and protesting on behalf of all fluffy animals and people who have ever been misunderstood or have had difficulty in expressing themselves.

He declared on radio that we have all been given a voice by Halls, to free our voices so that we will no longer be mistaken for members of the Rat Race. The giant nut was used to get people's attention; a symbol of power for squirrel’s (and people) everywhere to ‘free their voices’.

So remember the next time you are caught in an identity crisis; 'A-corn-a', free your voice with Halls and believe in your yourself, 'Squirrel. Squirrel. Squirrel!'