“Our goal was to create a message that brought excitement, humour and relevancy to a space which traditionally isn’t associated with those qualities,” explains Rui Alves, Executive Creative Director at Lowe Bull JHB. “By integrating the theme of the Cricket World Cup, we were also creating the possibility of capturing the attention of young people as well, showing that the brand has a heart and therefore broadening the reach of the campaign.”

The radio ad begins with a dry-sounding businessman welcoming people to a quarterly board meeting that has the potential to put everyone to sleep. The narrator then calls for the same thing, but in ‘green and yellow.’ The new, ‘colourful’ version of the presentation features a speaker who sounds more like a sports commentator, and elicits the full attention of the audience with his rapid mode of delivery.

As a result, the usual ‘days’ long board meeting is reduced to under a minute, with the presenter concluding with: “Great! Meeting adjourned…let’s watch the cricket, shall we?”

The final punch line is that ‘the right colours can captivate a nation,’ which is certainly being proved accurate by the popularity of the radio campaign.