With the thinking being that "pimples are one less thing for the teenage mind to agonise over”, the creative team came up with an integrated campaign that consists of print, poster, radio and an interactive Facebook page. The radio campaign comprises of a voice that is inside the average teenager’s head and describes how a teenager’s mind is a hormone-fuelled, angst-ridden-cocktail filled with thoughts about the opposite sex, clothes, looking cool, homework, hormones parties etc.
The tag line for the advert being that a pimple is one less thing a teenager needs to worry about.

The radio campaign recently won two Cannes Gold Lions (overall campaign), a Cannes Silver Lion (Best Scriptwriting) and a Silver Loerie (overall campaign) in the Radio category. The print campaign, which won a Bronze Loerie, follows the same premise of a mind map filled with similar thoughts with the ending again being that a pimple should not be part of a teenager’s thoughts.

Jenny Glover explains their thought process in creating this campaign: “We cringe when we see some campaigns aimed at the youth market. Using words like ‘funky’ and ‘rad’ and casting kids with backwards caps does not a youth campaign make.”
Brent Singer added “Not only is this approach downright embarrassing but it also doesn’t resonate with young people. They have brains and personalities."

With the Facebook campaign titled 'Unwanted Friends', Net#work BBDO realised that Facebook is a teenager’s haven for friends and social pursuits, and that pimples should have no place in this sanctuary. To demonstrate this, the creative team created a fun, catchy Facebook idea that taps into the existing functionality and shows what an intrusion pimples can be into the teenage world. Given the simple format of the idea Net#work BBDO believes that they can turn this small thought into a Facebook craze that is spread by the target market.

The Facebook campaign also illustrates that Net#work BBDO continues to break new ground in the digital space.

The ads were created by Net#work BBDO’s Jenny Glover (creative director) and Brent Singer (creative director).

Net#work BBDO is run from their creative base in Johannesburg by Abdulla Miya (managing director), Rob McLennan (executive creative director), Boniswa Pezisa (chairperson), Joy Turnbull (deputy managing director), Graeme Jenner (deputy executive creative director) and Tanja Rae (executive electronic producer).