Eagle has been with Trinitas since it first opened its doors and now, four years later, she has grown with the company to become the marketing and events manager.

Always with a spring in her step and a sassy solution to the most complicated marketing quandary, Eagle has never let a tight deadline get in the way of a great idea. In fact, she thrives on deadlines and says that they represent a challenge as well as a driving force. She may admit to feeling slightly 'frazzled' whenever the timelines are tight, but she remains the epitome of calm and relishes the focus and determination that a challenging project brings.

The Wits psychology and statistics major has even tried her hand at life in front of the camera while presenting and anchoring the local TV programme, Crux, from 2001 to 2004. The fact that she’s a people person made her a natural on screen, but the pull of building brands and marketing company communication proved too strong and that is when Eagle started climbing the corporate ladder, going from account executive to holding various successful and challenging managerial roles.

Eagle attributes much of her success today to Trinitas allowing her the freedom to be herself and grow into her position without being forced into a particular archetype. This includes the serious side of Eagle – she will work until all hours of the morning just to see a plan come to fruition, together with the team that made it happen–as well as the playful side.

When she’s not in marketing mode, Eagle naughtily admits that you would most likely find her still at the office decorating a colleague's desk with something ridiculously funny or in mad preparation for a colleague’s personal surprise when they walk in to the office on their birthday morning. From Post-Its and ribbons to dolls, Eagle makes use of many tools to put a smile on a colleague’s face when they walk into the office.

With a personality as generous and bubbly as Eagle’s, it’s no surprise that family and friends (and food – Eagles says that she absolutely lives for food, although her slim figure belies this) come first. The ethos of camaraderie and caring that Eagle holds dear in her personal life is something that she also brings to the workplace.

She considers herself very lucky genuinely to adore the people that she works with, and still marvels at her luck of being true friends with those that she “shares the trenches with”. And it’s exactly this culture of honesty and hard work that she says inevitably gets reciprocated to every company and client that Trinitas works with.