Commenting on the strategic thinking behind the brightly-coloured Taxi Tops, TTS GM marketing and advertising, Kate Wolstenholme says, “With today’s ever-increasing internet usage, in the area of travel particularly, it became imperative for Tourvest Travel Services to ensure that we could provide a world-class internet travel facility, offering leisure travel customers the opportunities to maximise their online travel booking experience. We want people to be aware that, unlike other travel sites, has the TTS backing of preferred relationships and pricing from all the major travel suppliers in the market, ensuring the most cost-effective and comprehensive travel offering available. The Taxi Top campaign is an attempt to draw attention to this ultimate travel facility.”

The decision to brand Taxi Tops as part of the broader communication campaign stemmed from the medium’s mobility and reach. Explains Wolstenholme, “The Taxi Top advertising medium works 24 hours a day with the vehicles frequenting all the major tourist hot spots such as airports and hotels, making them highly visible moving billboards. The high-impact presence created by this eye-catching advertising alternative, combined with the fact that the medium is available in all the major city centres, made it perfectly suited to the campaign.”

Dean Rakusin of Graffiti Interactive adds, “The Taxi Top advertising medium lends itself to a travel brand such as because a large percentage of the people using the vehicles are actually tourists and travellers. At the same time, the fact that the vehicles are on the roads continuously also gives a constant public presence which serves to complement all the other communication initiatives that form part of this unique campaign.”

In addition to the branded Taxi Tops, the campaign is supported by billboard-, magazine- and below-the-line advertising as well as various niche sponsorships and brand alignment campaigns such as the current DStv sponsorship campaign.

Ends Wolstenholme, “We have had a most impressive response to the Taxi Top campaign thus far. Because of the unexpected nature of the medium, people are noticing the branding and commenting on it and, most importantly, we have seen a definite upsurge in traffic on the actual site. Plus, an added bonus has been the pride and boosted morale we’ve noticed amongst our staff who is thrilled to spot their particular brand on the roads!”

For further information on Graffiti’s Taxi Top advertising contact Dean Rakusin on 082 497 2332 and