As a brand that has committed to ‘changing up the everyday’, jimmijagga takes iconic South African experiences and adds some extra-extraordinary spice. The jimmijagga brand activation team has most recently been shaking the fun into the streets of Parkhurst and Melville, not in a hummer, not in a limo – but in a limo taxi.

From the front, the jimmijagga limo taxi looks just like any other taxi but when it pulls up next to a hip restaurant in the Arts on Main precinct, it gets spontaneous applause. Hip Hop artists want it in their next music video, svelte Sex in the City types want it for their girls nights and not to mention certain 5fm DJ’s who want to book it to roll with their ‘poses’.

The jimmijagga limo taxi was inspired by the international ‘Pop-up’ store trend and in its versatility it can either, join a party with a VIP delivery of guests, start a party with its rocking sound system and built in DJ deck, or spice a party up with a really cool chill area.

Gareth Haarhoff, director of innovations and ready to drinks (RTD’s) at KWV, explains: “The first wine Spritzers formulated in the 1800’s in Poland were said to ‘make grapes laugh’ and jimmijagga aims to add that light-hearted effervescence to everyday experiences. This is a brand which always looks for the light side of South African life, and always looks at things from a slightly different angle. As the first fusion Wine Spritzer in the RTD category, we need our advertising and brand experience to be as innovative as our product. We tasked our creative team with thinking of things that add an extraordinary twist to the ordinary - something that no-one has ever thought of before. Pretty simple brief – or so we thought.”

“When we pulled up at the Limo Builders in the original siyaya taxi and asked them if they could stretch it into a siyaya-yaya, they laughed.
‘Why don’t you bring us a Hummer or a Chrysler 300 or something like that?’ Our response, ‘Because there’s no irony in stretching something that already looks pimped out and it’s been done before. There’s a lot of comedy in turning a ‘minibus taxi’ into a ‘limo’ and it’s never been done before or probably even thought of before.’”

So for all the fun loving, trend setting, spritzer drinking people out there, when you see the jimmijagga limotaxi in your neck of the woods, jump in and take a spin around the streets of Joburg.