With that brief in mind, and the imperative to bring the brand’s message to life in an innovative way, the creative minds at Euro RSCG set to work. The team comprised Alexandra Christodoulou (art director), Paul Frade (copywriter), Fiona O'Connor (creative director) and Jonathan Deeb (executive creative director).

The result of their labours was a striking billboard that did a sterling job of catching the attention of passing motorists – not just visually but from a multi-sensory point of view.

The team used the motif of the Dettol green ribbon to depict a heartbeat on a cardiac monitor. This served to illustrate the tagline “A little bit of Dettol. A whole lot of life” and build a powerful association between the brand and its support of a worthy cause. In 2012, Dettol has pledged to donate R1-million towards the building of a new Centre for Childhood Infectious Diseases at the Cape Town-based children’s hospital.

But the agency also went a step further: across the highway, aligned to each visual ‘heartbeat’ on the billboard, they had workers install single traffic counter cables. The result was that whenever a car drove over one of the cables, it would create a sound resembling the lub-dub of a heartbeat – at the same time that one of the ‘blip’ visuals on the billboard came into view – leaving a lasting impression with the driver.

Euro RSCG SA has been inundated with positive feedback on this ‘sensory billboard’ – including a comment from a member of the public who said she had driven over the section of road three times in a row because “it was simply so exciting!”

Dettol’s global brand marketing manager, Joao Rodrigues, described the billboard as ‘genius’, while category manager Arvind Nevatia praised it as “a great innovation”.

Francesco Fattori, general manager of Reckitt Benckiser Southern Africa, concurred: “Fantastic … a real sensorial experience!”

Visit www.eurorscg.co.za for more details about the agency and its latest work.