With social media and technology being at an ever-changing front, market researchers need to change their research strategy to keep up with their target market. Market researchers also face the harrowing challenge of forecasting economic trends to ensure that their organisation can prosper in an uncertain economic environment, where one crashing economy can disrupt and influence other economies.

Doctor Wamwari Waichungo, strategy, planning and insights director of Coca-Cola South Africa also stated, “Due to the rapidly changing environment, the expectation to translate ‘big’ data into a few actionable insights that result in a positive business impact, efficiently, is the highest that it has ever been.” Waichungo will share her knowledge on Insight to impact: Optimising the usability of research.

Commented Lynette Nicholson, head research manager, Old Mutual, “Marketing research needs to be able to show its Return on Investment. Without this, there will be no future for this discipline” She will throw light on a revolutionary approach to transform research department from a cost centre to a profit centre by demonstrating return on research investment and programme effectiveness.

This is expected to form a large part of discussion at the Best Research Practices Conference. Some opportunities to enjoy are keynote case presentations, interactive panel discussion and intensive workshop.