The Z-CARD®, with a nomad covers with a picture of an energy saving globe on the front and back, was booked by the LEC’s agency, Bontle Bonds.

The content of the card details electricity safety, the effective and efficient use of electricity and the benefits of using energy saving globes.

“Our client’s aim is to prevent property damage, injuries and even death, and to encourage the safe and efficient use of electricity to protect the environment,” says Jeffrey Mapasela, the managing director of Bontle Bonds.

The Z-CARD® forms part of a multi-media marketing campaign that includes brochures, stickers, posters, newspapers and radio adverts, radio programmes, TV adverts and public gatherings.

It is being distributed in Lesotho at all 14 of the LEC’s customer service centres and 25 sale agents.

“Z-CARD® is a wow product. Customers love the size, texture and design,” adds Mapasela.

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