Each of the 12 vehicles has been wrapped in such a way as to appear as though covered in traditional Ndebele beading. The simple messaging across the long-distance fleet of buses and taxis reaffirms the Ndebele station’s relationship with the listeners and range from “Khamba nathi” which means “Go with us” to “Kuhle ngakwethu” meaning “It’s beautiful at home”.

The colourful branding was designed by creative agency 76MotherRussia with the intention of generating hype and excitement around the Ikwekwezi FM brand, while at the same time instilling a sense of pride and belonging among its listeners who mostly reside and travel between Mpumalanga, Tshwane, Johannesburg and Limpopo.

Commenting on the campaign, Ikwekwezi FM marketing manager, Tokologo Mokoena says, “We were looking for a way to refresh and revive the brand amongst our target audience using a cost-effective out-of-home advertising medium and the branded vehicles provided the perfect format with which to reach our listeners. The majority of our listeners travel large distances so the minibus taxis and buses created the ideal 'mobile' canvas, showcasing the vibrancy, colour and pride of Ndebele culture and language. The traditional bead-like branding has been executed in such a way that it appeals to the traditional whilst at the same time still having a modern, fresh look and feel to it.”

Graffiti director, Gavin Schlaphoff adds, “The Ikwekwezi FM campaign is one of the brightest, most attention-grabbing vehicle branding campaigns we have done to date with the colourful beading wrapped around the entire vehicle. It’s certain to generate a great deal of interest on the country’s roads and will certainly colour-up the freeways and provide some cheer during the crazy season.”

For more information regarding vehicle branding and transit media, contact Gavin Schlaphoff at Graffiti on (011) 691 8400/08 or via email at gavin@graffiti.co.za.