In March the Afrikaanse Taal en Kultuur Vereniging (ATKV) launched a brand new kids’ magazine called Hoezit! Hoezit! is aimed at 9 to 12-year-old Afrikaans kids with a lust for life. With Hoezit! we plan to not only educate kids, but also to entertain them.

Each issue of Hoezit! consists of 5 fun sections:
1.Entertainment (vermaak) – celebrities, sport, movies, books, news
2.World (wêreld) – science, biology, technology, history, geography
3.About you (ek voel) – selfhelp articles, emotional well being, advice on friends, teachers and parents
4.Know (slimkop) – information also included in the school syllabus (this will be presented in a fun way to help them enjoy the learning experience)
5.Fun (pret) – do it yourself tasks and other fun things like mazes, sudoku etc.

Two of the sections are unique because this is what separates Hoezit! from its competition. Slimkop will provide them with wonderful articles on school subjects. Ek voel will give them good advice on things children struggle with today: parents that are getting divorced, the wrong friends, bullies at school and so forth. We also present everything in Hoezit! from a South African perspective.

Hoezit! chats to kids on their level and we want to make them realise that Afrikaans is a modern, hip language that is definitely here to stay.

Hoezit! is a monthly publication that was initially only distributed to subscribers. It will be on shelf from the October issue. Every month has a different theme. Themes that the readers can look forward to are technology, sport, history, arts and culture, music and many more. An issue costs R15,95 (subscription) and R18,95 on shelf.

Contact Renette Espach at 011 919 9063 for more information. For more information, email or visit the website at