All that you need to do is turn up to one of the selected Nu Metro Cinemas on Saturday, 12 or Sunday, 13 March at 12:00, 14:30 and 17:15 to gain entrance to these exclusive preview screenings and watch the first three brand new episodes before anybody else!

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien begins one year after Ben’s final battle with Vilgax in Ben 10: Alien Force. Ben Tennyson is now 16 years old and his life changes in major ways. Ben’s secret identity has been revealed to the world and he’s now an international mega-star super hero, loved by kids all over the world but distrusted by many adults. Armed with the mysterious new Ultimatrix, Ben is able to transform into ultimate versions of his aliens and will see action in places he’s never been.

After Ben’s original Omnitrix was destroyed, he takes possession of the Ultimatrix and must unlock its secrets. In addition to Ben’s previous transformations an extra half-turn of the Ultimatrix’s dial reveals a whole new menu and a host of new alien forms. This new function evolves the DNA of some of Ben’s transformations a million generations in only a few moments, producing more powerful and extreme versions of some of Ben’s favorite aliens including Ultimate Humungousaur, Ultimate Big Chill, Ultimate Echo Echo, Ultimate Cannonbolt, Ultimate Swampfire, and Ultimate Spidermonkey.

In addition to new and ultimate versions of his aliens, Ben must also deal with a brand new villain and his most formidable adversary yet, Aggregor! Aggregor is an Osmosian (like Kevin) and plans to absorb the powers of five unique aliens whose combined abilities will make Aggregor unstoppable!

Join Ben and his partners, Gwen and Kevin, at the following Nu Metro cinemas countrywide:

Emperors Palace
Bedford Centre
Hyde Park
Clearwater Mall
Brightwater Commons
The Glen
Benoni Lakeside Mall
Menlyn Park
Sunny Park
North Park Mall
Loch Logan Bloemfontein
V&A Waterfront
N1 City
Canal Walk
Walmer Park

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