The in-depth, explicit revelations are the result an extensive online survey conducted by the magazines, probing the sexual psyches of over 1 000 South Africans, for the ultimate 'he said-she said' exposé of what turns you on in the bedroom. Men’s Health editor, Jason Brown, comments: “The bold sex confessions from our survey should give our readers exclusive access to what South African men and women want, right now. The results will not disappoint!”

Not only have the brands taken the guesswork out of what the opposite sex wants, they have also given readers the tools to make good sex great by consulting a range of qualified sexperts for key advice and bedroom inspiration.

One of South Africa’s sexiest couples are on the cover of Men’s Health: soccer star, Ryan Botha, and model, Gina Goldsmith. In addition to the survey findings, 28 red-hot pages in The Sex Issue include: 'Your Passport to More Sex' (an adventurous list of things to get her pulse racing), 'Hard Wired' (a range of bedroom hardware and gadgets she’ll want to try) and essential tips on how to 'Dress For More Sex'!
Women’s Health features the gorgeous Olivia Wilde, star of House and Tron: Legacy, on the cover of The Better Sex Issue with their steamiest shoot ever inside with Men’s Health cover stars, Ryan and Gina. A team of sexperts probe the survey results to bring readers '8 Red-Hot Sex Lessons...' Single? Learn to tune into your senses to attract your perfect match in 'The Science of Attraction' and if you still don’t find the one, you could always move to the 'Sexiest City in SA'.

Women’s Health editor, Kate Wilson, says: “What will surprise readers of both magazines is that the survey revelations from women were more adventurous and less reticent than the male respondents. It is great to see that SA women have moved that much closer to knowing what they want and how to get it. We hope that our expert advice and exhaustive research will continue to give readers practical solutions and inspirations across all aspects of their life .”

The July issues of Men’s Health and Women’s Health are on sale from Monday, 13 June.