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WILD JAG & GAME HUNT is a bilingual monthly magazine for the game industry. It is published by JLO Publishing and Jan van der Walt takes charge as chief editor. WILD JAG & GAME HUNT serves as a mouthpiece for sustainable utilisation of wildlife in South Africa, and has been catering for all aspects of the game and hunting industry for 12 years.

It targets hunters, game ranchers, eco-tourists and nature lovers throughout South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. The magazine invites a wide variety of product and service advertisers, including motoring, food and beverages, camping and outdoors, weapons and hunting equipment, accommodation, financial services, slaughtering facilities, and game ranching requisites.

The October issue of WILD JAG & GAME HUNT sees a number of game species put under the spotlight. The magazine puts a great deal of emphasis on environmental protection and that of endangered species.

Through regularly featured, in-depth articles, it makes readers aware of conservation within southern Africa and how individuals can support and contribute to this cause. Not only does the magazine focus on game, but also the diverse plantlife found on the African plains.

Marketing issues include game auctions and the latest relevant specs thereof. Readers are invited to share their experiences and thoughts through the magazine's letter pages. The magazine's back pages feature accommodation in southern Africa, with a comprehensive description and contact details.

The ABC certified magazine reported a total circulation figure of 10 129 copies and has a print run of 14 500. WILD JAG & GAME HUNT is available countrywide at a retail price of R18.90.