Moosa gave background on the sponsorship. “A few years ago we decided to go into sponsoring development sport and we started with KZN cricket and following on that, we went into schools’ night cricket and also in KZN and that's been pretty successful. This year we decided to sponsor the Sunfoil Dolphins and further to that we had an opportunity to talk to Gauteng and to look at sponsoring development cricket. Just over two weeks ago at the one day match between South Africa and Australia at Kingsmead in Durban, we had some of the officials of Cricket South Africa just to come over and visit us and I asked them whether they have a sponsor and when they replied that they didn’t, we made the offer.”

Then, Melanie Hamman, Media Monitoring Africa's human trafficking expert talked about her recent research. Hamman gave more details on the report. “The report titled ‘The Tangled Web, human trafficking, child protection and the media’ was undertaken out of a need in the way the media was reporting on human trafficking prior to the World Cup last year. We saw it in the newspapers, in the headlines, in e-mails, in places where we hadn't seen it before. I've been working on the issue of human trafficking for a long time and I suddenly became aware that it was being reported in a way that made it seem as if it was coming in from outside the event and would disappear. We undertook the project to monitor how the media in fact reported on the issue in the period during the World Cup and after it. We’ve compiled this report to unpack the issue and to explain it in South Africa."

Next, Garda spoke to 72-year old Sophie Tema, who was recently recognised at the annual Vodacom Journalist of the Year Awards. Tema told Garda more about her accolade. "It was a complete surprise, I didn't expect it. It is a great honour, and shows that you are not what you think you are, you are what other people think you are. When I saw the documentary on the screen, I was overwhelmed, I didn't know what to say and I only thanked God in my heart. My career started way back in the 60s, I wanted to become a lawyer and my father wanted me to become a journalist."

Jonathan Bain, senior creative: of M&C Saatchi Abel and Donna Stephens, head of marketing and customer services at TAKEALOT chanted about TAKEALOT’s latest ad. Stephens gave more details about the retailer. “We sell books, games, electronics, DVDs, toys, music, imports and now beauty products. The business has been around since 2002 and it was known as Take2 and after being bought by Kim Reid in October last year, we've gone through quite a significant change in terms of branding, website design, new CI, new products, especially with the launch of beauty." She then moved on to their latest radio advert. "What we have asked for was to introduce the fact that TAKEALOT has now launched a beauty category. We wanted an ad that stood out from the clutter. We wanted something quite bold, risky and catchy. We wanted to talk to a wide audience in South Africa who aren’t really used to buying products online. M&C Saatchi Abel was agency of our choice and this is what they came back with was fantastic." Garda asked Bain why they used John Cleese in the ad and he responded. "John happened to be in town at the time and we had already written a script and recorded a spot with local talent, so we tried to secure a piece while he was here. At the last minute he gave us the thumbs up and we recorded the whole ad. Cleese was the perfect narrator for our ad." Bain then explained the ad in more detail. "The ad gives a new twist to an old story. We’re taking beauty and the beast and because of all the makeup and grooming available online, we turned it into beauty and the beauty. On the script, beauty goes into the mansion and she meets her host who is the beast but because he's wearing a fabulous make up and shaved her bead he looks pretty hot himself. He explains why he looks that good."

Lastly, Garda talked to SABC3’s Dr Oz, medical doctor and TV personality. DR Oz told Garda that people ask him a lot of questions, and that the most common question he’s been asked has been on how to loose weight. “On my show I try to celebrate people wherever they are and I give them concrete tips that will benefit them." Garda added that nowadays people prefer to listen and take advice from a medical doctor or an expert in the media more seriously than they would take the doctor in the surgery. He asked Dr Oz for his thoughts and he replied. "It happens for couple of reasons. The doctors are so busy so their ability to explain carefully what you can do to change your life has diminished.”

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