Starting from Tuesday, 7 February, users can select from a list of common health and wellness topics, messages of encouragement or well wishes. From the common cold to weight loss support and even birthdays, Dr. Oz’s personalized video message will be sent to the recipient’s email or Facebook inbox. Users can also select from more than 1 000 names and over 25 topics to customise each video, which Dr. Oz delivers in a seamless fashion, for each recipient. Users are then given a checklist, unique to their topic, from Dr. Oz as a handy takeaway.

Additionally, television affiliates that carry The Dr. Oz Show will be able to embed the 'House Calls' experience into their station’s website to offer to local viewers.

“The connection between people is one of the most important things to maintain for our health – I often tell people to set aside time to call friends and loved ones as part of their overall well being,” says Dr. Oz. “Now, not only can you send them a nice note, but each ‘House Call’ contains some useful tips presented in a fun and engaging way.”

While this is a great tool for fans of The Dr. Oz Show, it’s also a way to amplify the Dr. Oz brand. The Dr. Oz Show, which facilitates the national conversation on health, was the number one syndicated talk show in the key demographic (women 25 to 54) for the week of 9 January. The Dr. Oz Show is often the sole information provider many people receive about their health daily. 'House Calls' extends this communication directly via email, with more than 25 topics that cover common health issues including workplace stress, post-operative care, colds, flu and fever, smoking cessation, and weight loss. Upbeat wishes for birthdays, anniversaries and new babies are also part of the selections. To try out 'House Calls', go to 'House Calls' interfaces with Facebook, via Facebook Connect, and is easy to share via Twitter and Google+.

The Dr. Oz Show is broadcast on SABC3 every weekday at 15:45.