It’s more than just another platform for videos; it’s a new virtual meeting place for choirs from all over the world. opens up a completely new opportunity to the choral community: everyone is free to present videos and stories to the international choral scene. It is a modern boulevard for the global trend of choral singing showing the latest and hottest clips from the world of choirs.

Sorting by categories and thematic channels makes it easy to go through the website: whether ‘A Cappella’, ‘Gospel & Spiritual' ‘Contemporary’ or ‘Choir 2.0’ and ‘Choirs on TV’ - everybody finds a place here.

There’s also a community to have an exchange of opinions, discuss and meet in groups and mutually rate videos of concerts, competition performances or from the daily choral life. This is a great opportunity for new ideas and provides helpful feedback from like-minded people.

With the launch of, Interkultur creates an international choir community in the virtual world and brings people closer together.