Starting with Call Me Maybe and then onto Gangnam Style, but decided to go a different route and show off their quirky style with Bom Bom from Sam and the Womp.

The beat of the Bom Bom from Sam and the Womp, took over the British music scene, becoming number one on the UK singles chart a week after it was released on iTunes in August. This eight part music group, are taking the world by storm, boasting 8 861 383 hits on YouTube, giving the ever popular Gangnam Style a run for its money. They have been described as a refreshing musical evolution, smashing records in South Africa, leaving the likes of Rita Ora, Bloc Party and Taylor Swift in fourth and sixth place. With their mix of Jamaican Ska, electronic and dance elements, these guys will have one moving in no time, while being mesmerized by their bright 80s inspired outfits and colours.

Companies all around the world have latched onto the chart topping parody trend, acting out popularized songs such as Call Me Maybe, by Carly Rae Jepson, earning up to 11 228 374 hits on YouTube. Other corporations, such as Google Korea, were treated to dancing with the king of K-pop himself, Psy, joined by the Google executive chairperson, Eric Schmidt and the other CEOs, doing the energetic Gangnam Style and receiving over 300 million hits on YouTube.

Following on from Sam and the Womp’s fast growing popularity, with a whopping 13 505 likes on Facebook and 6 695 followers on Twitter, have given a glimpse into their world, showing the faces that make it happen.

According to Tarryn Clarke,’s HR manager, ”Sam and the Womp was a perfect choice, as its everything our company is all about, with the bright colours, keeping on trend and the quirky, fun nature. It was a great chance for our employees to not only have a laugh at themselves, but to celebrate how far has come in the past year.”

With the collaboration of’s top of the line creative team and acting hopefuls, the team donned on their off-the-wall outfits and showed celebration of the spirit. Watch the video online here.